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Easy Press Fabric Treatment™ 4 oz

Easy Press Fabric Treatment™ 4 oz

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Easy Press Fabric Treatment™. Designed, created, and tested by professional quilter Shelley Scott-Tobisch and sewing machine expert Bernie Tobisch.

Designed to work with your fabrics and safe to use with your sewing machine! This highly effective fabric treatment restores fabric fibers back to true size preventing your seams from splitting when you wash your project for the first time, improves accuracy when cutting and piecing your fabrics for your projects, and provides stain resistance.

Use this fabulous formula in the 4 oz bottle to fill the Easy Press Pen™ to create precise, flat seams every time you quilt! Seams will be precise and flat! Try it with your continuous mist bottle available exclusively in our Easy Press Fabric Treatment™ Combi Pack to treat your entire fabric before you begin sewing!

  • Use to fill Easy Press Pen™
  • Seams are precise and flat
  • Accurate piecing
  • Easier quilting & appliqué
  • Prevents fraying
  • Non-Toxic

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