What is it? Who is it for?

 What is It? 

Acorn products are a new way to gain better accuracy while quilting. The SeamAlign Gentle Hold Fabric Glue™ is perfect for designing square corners, matching points, stripes, and plaids. The Easy Press Pen™ presses seams flat flat flat!! and you can use our continuous mist bottle or our new Acorn Easy E-Sprayer, to pre-treat your entire fabrics. You can use a little or you can use a lot! There's a notion here for everyone to make their sewing experience better!

Created by acclaimed quilter Shelley Scott-Tobisch and sewing machine expert Bernie Tobisch, Acorn Products will have you quilting like the pros!!

Who is it for?

Acorn Products are designed for every quilter, from beginner to expert.

This system is easy to learn and to incorporate into your quilting habits.