Acorn Easy Precision Piecing System

Materials Included:
1 oz SeamAlign Gentle Hold Fabric Glue™
4 oz Easy Press Fabric Treatment™
1 Easy Press Pen™
Step 1:
Unscrew the end of the Easy Press Pen™. Fill with Easy Press Fabric Treatment™. Screw lid back on pen and recap Easy Press Fabric Treatment™.
Step 2: 
Uncap SeamAlign Gentle Hold Fabric Glue™. Dab a pin dot sized bead of SeamAlign Gentle Hold Fabric Glue™ any place you would normally put a pin.
Step 3:
Place your second piece of fabric on top. Gently tap down with your fingers to make contact with the bottom layer of fabric. Use your iron, on a dry wool setting with most irons, press using an up and down motion (3-5 seconds) to activate the glue. Do not glide iron.
Step 4:
Sew your two pieces of fabric together. Open up the fabric so right sides are facing up. Finger press the seam underneath to one side.
Step 5:
With the right side of the fabric facing up, gently depress the pen nib and then evenly apply the Easy Press Fabric Treatment™ to the high side of the seam.
Step 6:
Wait 5-10 seconds and press with iron one more time. Then watch as your seams lay FLAT, even after handling!